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About Me:

Hi! I’m Vishvendra Singh Tomar. (Looks, bit lengthy. You can call me, VST!)

I’m a 25 year old geek who happens to be a Mechanical Engineer also. I’m an easy going person with an extrovert outlook towards life. I try to help others because it gives me a sense of gratification.

I follow spiritualism. I genuinely believe, we all have our missions to accomplish. As such my mission is to spread happiness and knowledge all around.

I do meditation on a daily basis which helps me to develop a better understanding of life. This is an ongoing (never-ending) process.

I am a creative soul with a very wide range of experiences with life. I make complex things simple, that’s why I love to deal with complex situations.

I’m exploring behavioral tendencies of customer, or rather consumer. The dynamics of present day Market and the interactions of various stakeholders it requires, is what fascinates me the most. I’m looking forward to learn and simplify these dynamics.

What will you find on this Blog?

“Purple File” will help you in equipping yourself with knowledge, skills & wisdom which will assist you to not only achieve success but to spread happiness as well.

The key sections you’ll find here:

  • Marketing: You’ll find here the recent trends and practices being followed in the present day Marketing arena. Marketing is now termed as ‘Living Science‘ because it is changing every single second. That’s why, I believe one should remain as updated as possible. I’ll be sharing here, both Marketing Tools packaged with Concepts and Case Studies (including both success and failure stories).


  • Happiness: I’ll try to define, what actually happiness is. I’ll share stories, quotes and real life incidences to describe how can one attain the perpetual state of happiness. This will not only make you happy but will also encourage you to spread happiness.


  • Motivation: Nothing is Impossible, we can do or achieve anything. But many a times, it is observed that one needs a certain form of push in life that can potentially act as a trigger to reach the destiny. I’ll write about this push here by providing examples of heroes living around us while crafting History!


  • Self-Help: There are certain methods, skill sets & tricks that we can learn easily by ourselves, which help us to increase our productivity and help in better time management. I’ll try to share such various skill sets based upon my research work & learning. Without helping ourselves first, we can not help others!


  • Life-Style: As the modern society is racing ahead, there is so much left behind. Our health is one of the many. It is very important to understand, till the time we are not living a healthy life style, we can never expect to reach even 50% of our potential. That’s why I consider it to be my duty to not only stay healthy myself but to help others to stay fit and happy.


I hope your experiences with this blog will push you to invest more and more time here, again and again!

~ Happy Reading!

~ Your Friend: VST

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” 

– Tom Fishburne