Happiness-1: When should we call something as beautiful? Is the Moon Beautiful?

“Why do we have setbacks and failures in Life? Don’t we like to relate that phase with the ‘Ugly’ part? But, what actually is ugly?”

“What do we mean by a perfect destiny? Is it something related to a 10 digit bank balance? Can we call that moment beautiful?”

These were some of the questions that I was pondering over. Then I looked towards the sky, there was the Moon, like always, shining as bright as a Mercury lamp. It was beautiful to look at. It always is. It must be very hard for a poet to not to write a few lines about the Moon. Especially during the night time, when you are with yourself only and you don’t feel like to talk to anyone, Moon can listen to your emotions, may it be worries or joys.

I shared with him, some of mine emotions too. And, I came up with:   

Is the Moon Beautiful? What do we exactly mean by the term Beautiful?


“When I was a child, I still remember, I had a very tough time while learning to ride a bicycle. It was very difficult to reach a perfect balance. I had one serious injury and many minor bruises but finally with sincere efforts, not only did I learn how to ride but also without using my hands.”

Again I’m struggling with some things or others in my life, but why do I now call them setbacks or failures, while it was a learning for me back then.

Is it because now I’m seeing success or failure in the light of the outside world? (And, back then, it was only about my happiness!)

Moon reflecting Sun-rays towards Earth. Source [1]

Don’t you think, ‘Bright Moon‘ is a misnomer, when it is mere reflecting Sun-rays? What if, we could see its crater very clearly, would we still call it beautiful?

Moon Craters. Source [2]

See, the craters!

Then, what is beautiful?

A 10 digit bank balance or the Joy I experienced while riding my bicycle without using my hands?

When we achieve something, we definitely experience a sense of achievement but it has nothing to do with happiness. Happiness is not a point, it is a plane. You just can not possess it. You can only experience it.

But yes, there is a way with which you can experience happiness till your last breathe.

What? How?

Yes! You just need to understand, what actually the word ‘Beautiful’ means.

When I see Moon now, I still call it as beautiful, not because it is shining bright but because it is trying its best to revolve around the Earth to illuminate the Earth’s soil during the night time. I know it has craters. I love those craters. I see the Moon as in whole now, not just one aspect of it.

It is very simple, observe things not in isolated context, but as part of a bigger picture! You will experience happiness!

We commit a grave mistake, when we straightaway jump to the conclusion about who is beautiful & who not, just based on physical appearances or prima facie experiences. It is then we ourselves become obstacles in between us and our happiness.

We just have to avoid that & rethink what beautiful is.

Thanks for reading!

Please, do share what you feel, I’m very eager to know your thoughts. 

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