A Quick & Very Simple Way to do- Meditation

If you are a beginner and struggling with the concentration game of the brain during the Meditation then don’t worry I’ve developed a very simple way of doing it. It is no surprise that many experienced practitioner take a lot of time to enter into the zone. The reason why we face such a problem is: Our Thoughts

Yes, Our Thoughts!

Every time we try to push ourselves to get into something deep, maybe our heart or soul. Our thoughts play the villain & pull us back. People advice you one of the two things with the help of which you can get rid off your thoughts:

  1. Treat Your Thoughts as Uninvited Guests: Don’t talk to them. You have not invited them to the party. They are here to spoil your party. You may not be able to push them out of your door because of your decency but yes you can ignore them.
  2. Focus at Somewhere Else: May be at a point, at your own breathing, at a Simple Thought, at a Place etc with which you are comfortable and you can easily focus. Slowly & Steadily, the other (villain) thoughts will stop disturbing you and you’ll get into the zone.



Yes, I know. It is very simple to say than to do. That’s why I’ve come up with a simple technique that can help you get into the zone within a few minutes.

I call it as- “Shadow Technique!

See the Image given below:

Fig-1: Shadow of your lover in Meditative State. Source [1]

Step: 1) Sit Comfortably in the meditative posture.

Step: 2) Imagine, there is this shadow of your lover (See Fig-1) right in front of you but light years away.

Step: 3) Now, what you want to do is, reach to her/him. You want to superimpose yourself over this shadow. There is a very long distance to cover. So you start moving at a very high speed, maybe at light’s speed towards this shadow. (As if you are in a Tunnel!)

Step: 4) You are continuously moving & moving. You should sense stars all around you. (These are the thoughts, the villains). But you have to reach to her/him (The Sun).

Step: 5) Why you want to reach to her/him? Because you know Sun is a source of energy. It’ll energize you. At any cost, you have to reach to her/him.

Step: 6) The moment you reach to the shadow. You experience a certain form of energy (cosmic radiations) channelizing inside you. This moment, after superimposition, the shadow comes inside you. You both become one. (See Fig-2)

Fig-2: After Superimposition, Two Souls Become One. Source [2]
This very moment, my friend you have reached the highest level of your present consciousness. This is the zone, where you channelize all the positive cosmic radiations from all over the universe towards you.

Try this once, Note Down the time you take to enter into this zone. If you are taking around 5 minutes, it means you are doing very good. If more than 10 minutes, then you are not applying it properly. Try again.

~ Do this exercise around 12-20 minutes a day! You’ll see unprecedented results in your life. You’ll be surprised to find this part of your personality. You’ll be effective & efficient with whatever work you do.

~ Happy Reading!


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