If You want to win, then compete with Yourself!

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the simple changes that I’ve brought in my life to improve myself in 2018.

I’ve tried to keep it very simple by contrasting ‘Earlier Me’ against ‘Present Me.’

Let’s start:

Earlier Me: How do I say No to them? Yes, I’m busy but won’t it make them displeased?

2018 Me: I say simply ‘No’. I don’t overthink. If I’m busy, I can’t do much.


Earlier Me: I hit snooze button after every 5 minutes the alarm rings.

2018 Me: I simply get up, wash my face with cold water & start my day.


Earlier Me: This is not very urgent, I can relax or enjoy now & can always finish the work later.

2018 Me: I know now, it is nothing but ‘Procrastination’. I do, what has to be done, but yes on priority basis. (Entertainment comes at last!)


Earlier Me: I try to keep people, near by me, happy. Many a times, at expense of my own happiness.

2018 Me: I think of my happiness first. Because I know now that I can keep others happy only when I’m happy.


Earlier Me: From Monday onward, I’ll start reading 150 pages a day. (150 Pages is Maximum Limit.)

2018 Me: I know now that such Mondays never come, I start reading now. (Now, 150 pages is Minimum Limit.)


Earlier Me: I try again & again to convince people that based on the available facts, this should be the right opinion. I argument again & again, if I believe I’m right. If I’m wrong, I listen to others & correct myself.

2018 Me: If I’m wrong, I still listen & correct myself. But If I’m right, I try to put my points & if the other person is not receptive to my points- I simply don’t try. (This is Buddha Principle: Argument is for wise, not for fools!)


Earlier Me: She has sent me the message. I can study later, I’ve to talk to her now. She is so important for me.

2018 Me: She has sent me the message. But right now, I’ve to study, she’ll understand. If not, then she is important for herself, not for me.


Earlier Me: I’m not feeling good, I should talk to my friends, maybe this will help.

2018 Me: I’m not feeling good, it is my problem. I should solve it myself. If I need help, I can ask my friends. But I won’t simply call them to make me feel good.


Earlier Me: I’m so sad. I want to talk. People are so busy in their lives. I’ve always listened to them, why aren’t they now?

2018 Me: I know now, this is called pitying oneself. I’ve helped them because I wanted to. They don’t want to help, it is their choice. We should be free to make our choices. Expectation hurts, That’s why I don’t expect much.

(We never know what is going on in others lives, unless we haven’t walked in their shoes.)


Earlier Me: I hide my weaknesses.

2018 Me: I own my weaknesses & work on them.


Earlier Me: I live life.

2018 Me: I love life.


Quote by Luciano Pavarotti. Source [1]

Every single morning, I wake-up & go to the mirror & stand there for 10 seconds & repeat:

(Look in the Mirror), That’s your competition!


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