The Kindness Project: 9 Random Acts of Kindness that You should Practise on Your Birthday!

If I may ask you, how do you feel on your birthday? Is it something that you experience in your routine life? Or is it something special, maybe bit different from the routine?

Don’t you feel, you become very much aware of yourself? How you look does matter now. You feel a certain form of positive energy all around you. You want to involve yourself in something good.

It is no surprise, that most of us feel the same: optimistically positive & blissfully spirited. The Reason? 

I was reading an interview of my Country’s Prime Minister in which he talked about the reason why he celebrates his birthday in a very different fashion. Since, he became the Prime Minister, he celebrates his birthdays at army camps. Before that, he used to visit orphanages, natural disaster relief camps, schools in villages, local army camps etc on his birthdays. Why? He believes this gives him the very energy he requires to work all year around in the service of the nation.

When I read more about this idea on the web, I found- it to be very true. On our birthdays, we reach at the highest level of our consciousness. If we somehow get successful in channelizing some positive form of energy inwards, we can transform ourselves for the better & maybe the best!

We can prepare ourselves to grow & become efficient as well as effective in the year to come.  

Kindness: The Best Form of Positive Energy!

This was when, I came up with the idea called: “The Kindness Project!

If you want to experience unprecedented changes in yourself, follow these simple 9 random acts of Kindness on your Birthday.

Act 1- Talk to your Elders, maybe Grandparents:

Talk to them. Ask them: How are they doing? Their blessings have the power to take you to the brightest spot, which you can’t even imagine. Listen to their experiences, they’ve lived twice or maybe thrice than you. They may not be in position to help you, but their suggestions definitely can. Their one sentence: “May God Bless you my Child!” is worth more than a 100 Billion Dollar Empire. Why? Because these are the words, that God himself wants them to convey to you! I repeat, talk to them!

Talk to your Grandparents. (Source Edibles List Magazine)


Act 2 Help those in need:

Maybe by- Helping some elderly person to cross the road or Carrying the weight, he/she struggling with, to his/her place, Giving someone your seat in the Metro Rail, Helping your younger siblings with their homework, Providing food to the street animals or birds. To help someone, doesn’t mean you have to do something big, you can do little things. If you can spend money, that’s good but if you can’t that doesn’t meant you can’t help others.

Help Those In Need. (Source: Cap Swag)


Act 3 Write a Letter to express Gratitude (Preferably, Hand-Written):

You should write a hand-written letter to one person at least, who helped you & brought good changes in your life. You should express your feelings about what he/she means to you and how you are happily living today because of him/her. When you write a letter with paper & pen, this letter becomes very precious in itself. The person who will get this letter will keep it forever in memories of you. That’s the best way to express your gratitude!

Write a Hand-written Letter. (Source: City Birds Club)



Act 4 Buy things from those (maybe at higher price), who are surviving on meager income:

Not everyone goes to bed after having a delicious dinner. Many sleep with empty stomach. We should never bargain with these people, even we should try to make the purchase at a higher cost. Because, they’ve nothing to survive on except this little work. 10 bucks for us may cost nothing, but for them 10 bucks is one time food! By helping these people, we help ourselves, because indirectly we are contributing to country’s GDP growth rate! Help them! Buy form them!

Buy from those who are surviving on meager income. (Source: Shutter Stock)


Act 5 Donate Clothes that you no longer wear:

You should donate your clothes which you no longer wear. In your closet, these clothes occupy only space, whereas if you let them free, these clothes can make someone other’s life easy. On your birthday, you can donate one pair of clothes! (Make Promise!)

Donate Clothes which you no longer wear. (Source: Once Child One Chance)


Act 6 Gift someone a Book that (you think) can make a difference in his/her life:

(It may sound weird, but yes you should gift a book to your friend on your birthday!) Do leave a hand-written note, inside the book, describing how this book has helped you & in what ways this book can help your friend. Remember:

A book is a gift you can open again & again. ~ Garrison Keillor

Books are Great Gifts. (Source: Dreams Time)


Act 7 Be a good listener, ‘Empathize’:

Many a times, a good listener can heal wounds faster than any medicine. You may not have any idea what your friend is going through & how you can help him, but the best you can do on your part is listen to him/her. Yes! You just simply listen. Talk to them & empathize. Ask them to contact you anytime, when ever they feel like sharing anything. What you just did was: You relieved them from their pain & agony. What you lost was: Just 5 minutes of your schedule! Help Them! Listen to them!

Be A Good Listener. (Source: Huffington Post)

Act 8 Thank God for blessing you with this wonderful life:

Pray to God. Thank God, for the life & wonderful people he has blessed you with. Go to your place of worship, spend time there for at least 10 minutes. As the child of God, tell him how you are going to make the best of every single breathe that God has given you. Say Sorry to him for all the deeds you did which you were not supposed to do. He’ll forgive you. He always does. Likewise, you should also forgive others. Forgive them! This way, you’ll free yourself. Be the child of God!

May God Bless You!

God Bless You on Your Birthday & Always. (Source: Warner Press)


Act 9 Smile & Give others Reasons to Smile:

Most important of all, Smile throughout the day & try to give others reasons to Smile. Smile grows when you share!

Smile. Smile. Smile. 🙂

Smile. (Source: YouTube)

Bookmark this article & try to practise these 9 random acts of kindness on your birthday. Share with me your experiences.

The Kindness Project: This project is nothing but an initiative or I would say an opportunity to improve ourselves for the best!

You should share this article with your friends & family members!

~ This Blog is to add values to your life & life-style.

~ Happy Reading!

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